CP Reborn (otherwise known as Club Penguin Reborn) is a non-profit fan-created reimagining of Disney's Club Penguin.
CP Reborn owns various domains in which it hosts it's content through, we have taken the time to list them below.

  • cpreborn.com
  • clubpenguinreborn.pro

CP Reborn will always update the above list whenever a domain change is made (and whenever we acquire a new domain),
any domain which is not listed above is not owned by CP Reborn nor does it represent us in any official way.

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We cannot express enough that CP Reborn is NOT a game for children - although we do not allow profanity, CP Reborn is a game for 16+ year olds, we're not responsible if you ignore this warning that content on our site is not for children - we reserve the right to terminate your account at any time without reason.

To clarify, CP Reborn is a completely free non-profit reimagining of Disney's Club Penguin, which will never request/force you to pay (non-virtual currency) for any of it's content.

We protect our right to be able to modify this disclaimer at any time we may see fit, we recommend you (the visitor) to check for any changes regularly.

Last Modified: 10th January 2018

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